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THEME: South Caucasus: Missed Opportunities

Analyticon #10, October, 2011.

Peace for Our Time, or Peace on Our Terms?

By Laurence BROERS
Conciliation Resources,Caucasus Programme Projects Manager

‘Missed opportunities’, and their opposite, ‘windows of opportunity’ are a mediator’s mantra. In different contexts, especially when peace talks have failed or violence has resumed, one hears about ‘missed opportunities’. The South Caucasus has seen many missed opportunities, whether these date from the ‘last chance opportunities’ in the early 1990s to prevent the South Caucasus wars, to ‘near miss opportunities’ when agreement was allegedly close, to a more general sense that opportunities to engage in cross-conflict initiatives were never seriously taken up. At the same time we are often told that because of electoral cycles or some big player’s input, we have a ‘window of opportunity’.

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Region: the Missed Opportunities

Coordinator of the Nagorno Karabakh Committee
“Helsinki Initiative-92”

The South Caucasus with its rich hydrocarbon resources and minerals, as well as its unique communications location, during the recent two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union has become  not only an area of confrontation of interests of the global and regional powers for spheres of influence, but also a striking example of disintegration processes against the background of the intensive globalization of the humanity.

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Independence. This Time Forever

Editor-in-Chief of the Russian service of the 
First Armenian Information www.1in.am

“The nation has been laid in the dust, it well may be forever…” 

Winston Churchill about Armenia,
after the Treaty of Lausanne, 1923.


 2011 has become the 20th year for the Independent Armenia, an independent country that by all rules of political prognostication had no chance to be such, equal among almost 200 likes on the global map, after what it had suffered during and after the World War One. But Independence is a fact, just as the fact is that the great Englishman made a mistake. 

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The Time of Lost Opportunities

Editor-in-chief of “Nuzhnaya Gazeta”
Sukhum (Abkhazia)

On October 12 in the township of Tsandripsh, located on the Abkhazian side of the Russian-Abkhazian border, there was a statal opening ceremony of a new Russian border guards’ settlement. The territory of the settlement included an administrative building, an apartment house for 25 flats, designed for the families of the border guards. All flats of that house are furnished; there are all conditions for the leisure of the border guards and their families – a gym, children’s room, sauna, tennis courts, and basketball pitch. The infrastructure of the settlement is completely autonomous: it is equipped with its own water and energy supply.

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The Lack of a Dialog Between the Societies: the Biggest Missed Opportunity

Editor-in-Chief of “Analyticon” journal


Recently I have seen remarkable information.
The Nagorno Karabakh conflict is one of the few frozen conflicts in the post-Soviet space, and even in Europe as a whole, that can be solved. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting with the students of Russian universities and representatives of youth organizations spoke about it.

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The Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict – Time Works Against Georgia…

An interview with the member of the Synergy Network – Group of Advocacy Rusudan MARSHANIA (Georgia)






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The South Caucasus: are the Оpportunities Мissed?

Expert of the Armenian Center
for Strategic and National Studies

The judgements about the missed opportunities, first of all, of the South Caucasus may seem not so important from the view of the situation in the region and the peaceful co-existence of the three states. And the point is not just in the fact that the subjective mood is unacceptable in politics, but also on the way of comprehension of the historical experience of the nations and states.

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Can Azerbaijan and Georgia Recognize the Existing Status-quo?


Each protracted conflict has landmarks, which are recollected when talks are deadlocked again. It is some sort of reminding about the lost opportunities, the hopes of one or another party that have not come true. In this connection we can remember the decade of talks between Robert Kocharian and Heydar Aliyev in Key-West.

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