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Theme: South Caucasus and Developments in the Middle East

The Analyticon, №05 / May / 2012

The Caucasus and the Problem of the Artsakh Settlement in the System of the Global Security


Political researcher


Reformatting of the Middle East, initiated by the Arab awakening, has spilled over beyond the frontiers of the Arab World, influencing the processes along the whole arc of instability from the North African countries up to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read more

The Armenian Consequences of the “Arab spring”

By Tatul hakobyan

Expert, “Civilitas” foundation


 On January 4, 2011, Mohamad Bouazizi, 27, died of deep burns. The young man, a street vendor in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, self-immolated as a sign of protest. Read more

The Activization of the Turkish Factor in Lebanon


Editor-in-Chief, “Azdak” newspaper


 From the Arab spring to the Azerbaijani winter

The change of power in the Middle East, especially in the Arab countries, may invoke numerous comments and analytical interpretations from the view of Armenian interests. Read more

Middle East Crisis and Armenia’s Demography


The Armenian Reporter, Editor-in-chief

Washington, DC

 Many if not most of Armenia’s present and future problems can be traced to the modest size of the country’s population. Armenia’s demographics are central to such significant factors as the country’s attractiveness to foreign investors, budget revenue and military capacity. Read more

Syria, Iran and the South Caucasus

Alexander KRYLOV

Doctor of History


 Syria is a new example of the “Arab spring.” If compared with the earlier events in Tunisia and Egypt, it is obvious that the extent of interference of foreign powers into the processes is gradually more and more intensifying. Read more

Arab Spring Has Encountered Iran, Which Will Sooner or Later Make Both Azerbaijan and Armenia Facing Tough Choice

By Rauf MirkadYrov

Political Observer


Smart people say that globalism is a corporate slaveholding. Proceeding from this assumption, automatically brings to the conclusion that in the modern world all are interrelated. Read more

The War in Iran May Cause Destabilization of the Whole South Caucasus

An interview with Georgy KHUTSISHVILI, Director of International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN). Read more

Engaging Russia on Iran

By Robert W. MERRY

Editor of “The National Interest


There are many reasons to lament the wary state of relations between the United States and Russia—and between President Obama and Russian president Putin—but the most gnawing reason concerns the ongoing Iran nuclear talks, set to resume in Baghdad on May 23. To understand this, it helps to note a number of diplomatic and geopolitical realities. Read more

Syrians back regime, Assad tells Russia TV




Syrians showed in elections this month that they support the government’s policy of reform and a majority back the regime, President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview broadcast Wednesday. Read more