The representatives of the RA armed forces and state figures were significantly ahead of all the others who expressed opinions expressed by the positive sign in online media outlets and on TV. On TV their indicators would collectively add up to 1/3 of all “speaking heads” (32%). Examples may be brought from the news pieces on the day of the official adoption of the Nation-Army concept, as well as the series of interviews given to the media. In this regard the exclusive interview of the RA President Serzh Sargsyan to Armenia TV where he also referred to the issues of Nation-Army (“Formula”, December 15, 2017), and the exclusive interviews of the Minister of Defense V. Sargsyan on these very topics on Armenia TV (“R-Evolution”, October 29, 2017) and Shant TV (“Outlook”, December 23, 2017) are to be mentioned particularly.

Opinions marked by a negative sign in online media outlets belonged to the representatives of various social/professional groups or individual experts. The representatives of this group come first among those who expressed negative opinions on this or that provision of Nation- Army on TV. However, unlike online media, on TV the representatives of the non-state and non-political segments gave an approximately equal number of positive evaluations to the concept. It should be noted that in the first case the criticism of civil and professional groups on air had largely to do with the news flow of the day. Whereas those who expressed a positive opinion were the guests invited on set by the anchors for interviews.

The representatives of Parliamentary parties and factions expressed themselves on the Nation – Army from among political circles in both online media and on TV. In online media outlets their rating looks like this – RPA (5.5%), YELQ (4.5%), Tsarukyan Alliance (0.9%), ARF (0.4%). The same order is maintained on TV, too.

Unlike the situation with TV stations, in online media outlets there were more extra- Parliamentary forces that spoke about the army, namely Yerkir Tsirani Party, Free Democrats, Mission Party, National State Party, ANC.

The opinions on issues regarding the army held by only two parties (Yerkir Tsirani Party and Heritage Party) were voiced on air.


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